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Three girlfriends taking a selfie on the Tiree Ferry: Homeopathy can help women through hormonal changes


Homoeopathy can offer a gentle solution to the problems sometimes encountered by women.  Menstruation, pregnancy, birth and the menopause are uniquely female events which can bring with them often uncomfortable symptoms.  Many  women tell me they have found hormonal balancing has made them feel much more like their normal selves.


A normal period should last about 5 days with 1-2 days heavier flow.  Flow should be manageable with little pain and should not affect the way you go about your daily life.  Excessive outpourings of either blood, sweat or tears are believed by some to be the body’s way of trying to re-balance itself.  If you're suffering from mood swings, pain when ovulating, debilitating abdominal cramps that prevent you from going to school or work, flow so heavy you can't leave the house or nausea and fainting your period is likely to be taking over your life.  By addressing the cause of this imbalance patients can find their periods become normal, bringing relief after sometimes years of severe discomfort.


It is not necessary to endure pain and discomfort in pregnancy.  Symptoms are often not taken seriously by others as they usually pass when the pregnancy ends but nine months can seem an eternity if your hormones are making your life unmanageable.  See the blog on Hyperemesis Gravidarum here.  I have helped many women to  alleviate common problems during and after pregnancy.  Difficulty getting pregnant in the first place can be heartbreaking and I have found this medicine which is designed to trigger the body's own healing response has proved so effective at helping women to rebalance their bodies in order for pregnancy to occur.


Both mother and baby can benefit from homoeopathy at this time.  It can help to bring about rapid healing after the birth and help the baby to adjust to his or her new life outside the womb.  Homoeopathy can help with feeding and sleeping issues, and can be very useful if you are having difficulties adjusting to motherhood.  I have treated a lot of new mothers with Post Natal Depression - a debilitating and frightening experience.  I have also seen a lot of women who have suffered traumatic birthing experiences which have had a negative effect on the rest of their lives.  I have helped them to heal the trauma, scarring and injuries suffered at this highly emotional time.


This is the time when women can finally be free from the monthly cycle but too often it is replaced by a range of new challenges:  Night sweats, hot flushes, sleeplessness, increased anxiety, memory loss, brain fog, mood swings, headaches, irregular periods, hair loss, aches and pains and a lack of energy are all our body’s way of finding its new equilibrium.  Homoeopathy can help make this whole experience more manageable.  Sometimes overnight.

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