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Which Homeopathic Remedy is Best....?

Updated: Jul 31

How do you know which homeopathic remedy is best for you? I get asked this and "isn't it just placebo?" all the time. Fifteen years ago I asked my homeopath this very question. In answer, he cleverly sent me on an introductory course which led to me studying for four years to achieve my diploma and now 16 years later I can answer that question with a definitive "That depends."

Because it really does. I like to think of Homeopathic remedies as a blue-print for healing rather than a substance which physically alters us. Remedies are made from substances which in their original form might produce uncomfortable symptoms: For example, if poisoned with the venom of a bushmaster snake you would likely amongst other symptoms have violent flushes of heat. By taking the homeopathic remedy made from highly diluted venom, it loses its toxicity whilst still retaining the essence of the poison - making this remedy very effective for treating the hot flushes that drive so many women mad as they approach menopause.

It would be much simpler if each remedy was applicable to a symptom. However, whilst three woman might have hot flushes; one might be very private about it, hiding from everyone the fact that she's not sleeping, her anxiety is off the scale and she's going out less and less because she doesn't want to be around people; another might be worn out from her lack of sleep, seem fine to others but snapping at her

family, struggling with a prolapse and weeping every time anyone asks if she's OK; and the third has been looking after everyone else for years and now misses her mum who lives in Spain terribly. Her skin is breaking out like a teenager's and she's walking the dog three times a day just to get some fresh air and feel normal. Anyone who's attended my Introductory Courses should recognise those three remedies as Natrum Muriaticum, Sepia and Pulsatilla and I'm running another in September - click here if you're interested in signing up.

So how DO you know which homeopathic remedy is best? That's where an experienced homeopath can help. We take time to really get to know what makes you tick. What are you drawing attention to in your appointment - verbally and non-verbally and how does this match the "picture" of a remedy: How you were born, how your children were born, what shape you are, where you feel best and worst, what food you like and how you are with your family will all help to indicate a remedy. When we have found it, we invite you to take the blue-print in the shape of drops or tiny pills and if we've got it right, this matches and cancels out your symptoms.

How do we know if it was the right remedy? It can look like someone's flicked a switch in you and all your symptoms disappear. More often the thing that was driving you mad clears up and like the layers of life experience, the symptoms left behind are peeled away one by one until eventually you are more like the person you remember being before you started to feel unwell.

Three women feeling well and having fun canoeing.
Me out on the water with my besties.

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