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Are you sick of being pregnant? Using Homeopathy in Pregnancy.

Updated: Jun 9

Are you one of those unfortunate souls who suffers from travel sickness? I’ve always been terrible for it and when I was pregnant with my youngest, from the minute I woke up to the minute I fell asleep I might as well have been reading a book in the back of a school minibus on a mountain pass with the sun on my face.🏔️🚐☀️🥵 Just typing that makes me feel green 🤢! Happily for me homeopathy is safe and effective to use in Pregnancy.

Winding road known to cause travel sickness
Are you feeling permanently travel-sick?

Welcome to the world of hyperemesis gravidarum. Advice for normal morning sickness is to eat ginger and regular small meals. If you’ve ever suffered from HG this advice feels like taunting when sipping water or just smelling toast cooking can make you hurl. Once the smell of food on someone’s breath on an aeroplane made me want to punch him in the face to make his face go away.

This feeling can last all day every day until at least the 20th week and for many women persisting at some level until the birth.

Being pregnant is considered a temporary state but potentially 8 months of not eating whilst being hungry and inundated with information about your growing baby’s needs sends a lot of women over the edge. I was super grateful for an online chat group called Blooming Awful where I found other women who understood exactly what I was going through. Many reported ending up on drips in hospital and many spoke about thoughts of suicide. Tragically 10% of HG pregnancies end in termination.💔 I was extremely fortunate to be invited to bring my case to my class for the student clinic in Dublin where my amazing colleagues nailed the root of my problem and enabled me to eat a small number of things for the last couple of months. They also gave me the recipe for chicken soup and although I could only eat a little broth on some white rice with lemon juice it helped me to start eating again. I’ve posted the recipe on my website 👆.

I firmly believe in paying things forward and if you are suffering from this - or know someone who is, please send them my way. I understand what it’s like and know how to relieve it and for this treatment there is no charge.

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