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How Homeopathy helps Hay Fever

Updated: Jun 9

Hayfever Trigger - Field of oil seed rape in Perthshire, Scotland.
Field of oil seed rape in Perthshire

There’s something about these bright yellow fields that brightens the soul. The colour yellow is thought to symbolise intellect, creativity, happiness and the power of persuasion. It is also supposed to help mental stimulation and clear a foggy head.

All good if you don’t suffer from hay fever - but there are swathes of it about in Scotland this spring and with all the other trees and flowers puffing out pollen, many folk are reaching for their antihistamines. 🤧

I was in France the first time I ever had hay fever and I took an antihistamine but apart from making me killer-sleepy, it dried up my eyes which made them doubly itchy. On explaining this to the pharmacist he handed me my first ever homeopthic remedy and I wondered how homeopathy helps hay fever. Within minutes, to my immense relief, the irritation started to settle down.

Quite often, people who come to me with something entirely unrelated, find their hay fever disappears alongside their other symptoms. Because we are triggering the body’s immune system to fix itself, it fixes everything it can.

Many people come to see me specifically about their hay fever and it can be a tricky thing to get on top of: different pollens trigger different symptoms; there can be a deeper sensitivity at play; and whilst for some people, overcoming it forever is the work of just a few pills, for many it can be a big project.

List of Side Effects of Anti-histamines
List of Side Effects of Anti-histamines

Contra-indications for anti-histamines.
List of Contra-indications for Anti-histamines

I speak from personal experience - when we first moved to the countryside I was actually bed-ridden with it. Anti-histamines made things worse and 3 little pills taken over 24 hours sorted everything out 😃. It pops up again every year but each time less than the year before. When I saw the rape leaves coming up I couldn’t believe what I was to be surrounded by but we’re at max pollen now and I’m keeping on top of this without a single anti-histamine.

If you think homeopathy might be helpful for you, please contact me at the link above to make an appointment. Homeopathic remedies are specific to each individual and with hay fever this can change with each pollen season. If you're not feeling better within 48 hours of starting treatment I will change your prescription until you are.

With thanks to for information about side effects of antihistamines.

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