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Are you taking control of your own health?

Updated: Jun 9

Homeopathic Remedy Bottles
Homeopathic Remedy Bottles


Today I tidied my supplies as I wanted to find a home for my latest delivery of hundreds of new little bottles.

I was thinking about why I get through these quicker than anything else and it’s because I love the flexibility of the LM potency which I use them for. If it’s hard to imagine how a substance diluted 30 or 200 hundred times can possibly make any difference at all, the tiny poppy seed I pop in each of these, diluted 50,000 times which I then dilute in more water and then my patients dilute in even more water makes my head spin.

But it certainly does make a difference. If someone has lots of energy and no allergies I usually recommend they take 5 drops in a spoonful of water once a day. However, so often the people who come to see me are super sensitive, looking for treatment for allergies and if they take as much as that, it can trigger a huge reaction.

It’s usually a sign we have the right remedy but the dose was too strong so this is the beauty of this potency. If this happens - and because we are all different, you never know how anyone will react - I always recommend they stop taking their remedy and when the symptoms subside they can restart. At this point, I recommend they take 1 drop from the little bottle and mix it with a big glass of water, take one sip and ditch the rest. Sometimes it is enough to take this one sip once a week - any more and the aggravation returns. Either way with this potency you are taking control of your own health.

Hahnemann never stopped trying to perfect his science and this is the potency he settled on as the most effective at the end of his career. For me they work well where I am treating someone already taking daily medication prescribed by their doctor which could inhibit the action of a c-potency. Daily stresses also seem to do this and the continued presence of allergy triggers - like pollen, in the environment.

What I like best of all though about these little bottles is that when I hand them over, you are taking control of own health. I always include a guide for how to take them but ultimately leave the number of drops and frequency to the patient. As they get better they start forgetting to take them, if they get worse again they come back to me and most of the time they have got strong enough to produce more symptoms so we move up a potency. It’s easy to see improvement with the drops, forget to take them and the symptoms return, take it again and they go. It’s difficult to be skeptical about this medicine when it’s so easy to see the cause and effect so clearly. This can be seen even more clearly with my very young high energy patients with colic and eczema. I’ve had quite a few babies whose symptoms visibly clear in the morning only to return by 4pm. Another drop melts them away until they’re back again in the morning.

Over time, symptoms become progressively milder or absent altogether until they return to demonstrate it is time to move up to a stronger dose.

By working with this potency I can see clearly whether a remedy is working, we can stop easily if there is an aggravation and by putting people in charge of their own health they stop feeling like a victim of an illness and start to take back control, reading and understanding their body’s messages to them and having the tools to respond. This often leads to powerful changes in lifestyle and diet - and best of all confidence.


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