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Does Spring make you sneeze?

Updated: Jun 9

Hay fever season is here.
Hay fever season is here!

There it is - FINALLY!!! The sky is blue, the birds are calling to each other in a hurry to hear the cheep of new chicks in their nests and the gentle low buzz of a furry bumble bee zooms past looking for pollen. He's in luck. After all that grey dreary wintriness, colour is bursting forth at the tips of the first plants and trees. We pour outside in our droves, rolling up sleeves and turning our faces to the big warm ball in the sky - but nooooooooo!!! After half an hour enjoying this new joy the nose starts to twitch, the eyes itch and after the first sneeze it's back inside for some heavenly aircon and respite.

Homeopathy works by treating like with like and because anti-histamines can have unpleasant side effects, hay fever is where many folk first try these magic little pills. Cutting up an onion is much like the symptoms of hay fever and the remedy made from an onion, known as Alium Cepa is often used in hay fever combination remedies. Sabadilla, Nat Mur, Arsenicum, and Euphrasia as well as many others are all known for their affinity with runny noses and itchy eyes. Unfortunately, unless you take the remedy which most closely matches your symptoms you may find the remedy will not do anything for you.

To get round this many chemists and certainly the homeopathic pharmacies stock a hay fever combination. If you take this whenever you know you will be exposed to pollen or when the symptoms strike it should match the symptoms you have and eradicate them. I can make up a combination specially tailored for your exact symptoms too.

Hayfever is an overwhelming of the immune system and I often find when I am treating people for something else, their hay fever goes away too. This is because we are stimulating their immune system to fix itself - treating the cause of the problem rather than the symptoms.

Some people find their hay fever responds brilliantly to homeopathic remedies for a couple of seasons and then it's just not as effective any more. This is because your sensitivity to your environment runs deeper - possibly stress is contributing to your sensitivity and a homeopath will treat this, rather than the hay fever itself. Usually by the time you are this sensitive, you will have a few foods and other substances which are bringing you up in rashes or other allergic reactions and all this will be gone through at your appointment to get a complete picture of your health.

The links below will take you to a couple of hay fever combination remedies which may help. If you are on holiday in Europe or the US, Boiron do a good one called Sabadil.

I am at The Natural Clinic in Crieff on Mondays or available on Skype and FaceTime at other times in the week. You can also click on the blackboard below to make an appointment.

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