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Three homeopathic remedies for chronic back pain

Updated: Jun 9

I'm a total newbie to making websites but apparently the web loves a blog and in the site manager section it helpfully has a series of topics I might like to write about and this is one of them.....Well I would if my back wasn't hurting so much from sitting here updating my website all day.

Back and joint health is probably the one thing nearly everyone who walks through my door has trouble with. (Sleep's a close this space!) The conventional treatment for backs is paracetamol and ibuprofen. Whilst great for a couple of days for an acute flare-up, if your back pain is chronic you could be on and off these for years, and if it's really bad co-codamol and steroid injections. Unfortunately all of these come with a variety of side effects if taken over any length of time and from what I hear on a regular basis, generally only provide limited relief.

The people who suffer the most are the desk and car-bound amongst us and conversely the people who seem to manage back pain the best are those who regularly practice yoga, pilates or swimming. When I was lugging a baby and a toddler about, often one on each hip I would crawl into yoga doubled over. I love hot yoga which helps the muscles to relax whilst they are being extended. The team at Heat Fitness in Stirling are super experienced at helping sporty folk recuperate from injury and all the staff have impressive recovery stories to share.

However, for the acute and persistent flare-ups that come with babies, age, long journeys and gardening homoeopathy can work like a charm. (DISCLAIMER: If you get the right remedy and the right dose - welcome to my lifetime's work!)

Here are three of my favourites:

Bryonia - the bear in the cave who roars if disturbed. If you are in what we homeopaths like to call a bryonia state you will not let anyone come near you, because if they so much as nudge you they might rearrange you slightly and increase the pain. The trick is remaining still. One slight move and the pain comes back but whilst still there is relief. A funny little thing they might say is that they "want to go home" even if they're already there. This is the cave. These bears want to get back to their cave so no on will touch them and they can be still.

Rhus-tox - which would be much helpfuller if it was called Rus-ty. This is the gate you can hardly move at first but then with a bit of gentle movement gets easier to open and close. These are the tin men (and women) who can't move across the bedroom in the morning for being bent double and stiff. A warm shower eases everything off and by the time they've finished breakfast are moving alright. They get worse again for sitting for any length of time. Better for heat, bit tetchy and oh my these ones wriggle in bed trying to find a position that's comfortable.

Mag Phos isn't called homeopathic aspirin for nothing. People are taking magnesium supplements and epsom salt baths for all manner of complaints and as a homoeopath I use this remedy all the time for headaches, period pain, IBS, injuries, dental work - basically anything you'd use painkillers for - except this one you don't have to wait 4 hours to repeat. It's not back pain but I once had a patient with IBS who had been in hospital on a morphine drip set to the maximum and she described the pain she was in as still 10/10 despite the drug. This was a flare-up but her normal daily level of pain was 7/10. She took Mag Phos 200c the next time she had a flare-up and said the pain reduced to 4/10. The reason I share this anecdote is because her pain was so acute the measuring of it was very clear. It works the same for back pain though. Mag Phos pain is better for heat. If you're hopping in the bath or using hot water bottles, always think of this one. There are a few remedies which I use for inflammation but this one is that low achey pain that wraps itself round you and makes you feel very sorry for yourself. You'd be a low moan compared to Bryonia's frightened roar or Rhus tox's tetchiness.

As for potency, 6xs are good if you are taking something over a long time, 30c is good for an acute flare up, and if you're up around the 10/10 mark, 200c might make more of an impression but you can only get this one from a qualified practitioner (like me 😀)

Heaven knows how that all helps my SEO's but I know these remedies help me when my back is sore and I hope they might help you too. Always at the end of the phone or email if you would like some help with the potency and in the mean time get yourself a regular massage/pilates class/yoga class/swim.

Rhus Tox: poison ivy - homeopathic remedy for stiff muscles and joints

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