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A healthy little girl enjoying the outdoors: Homeopthy can help children and has no side effects.


Homoeopathy can be a great support for those with children.  They tend to have high energy and can respond really quickly to treatment.  


Homoeopathy can be very helpful with recurrent infections and chronic conditions such as asthma and eczema. Other worrying problems such as difficulties breast-feeding or in the digestive tract, teething and injuries plus the assault of viruses and verucas every child seems to go through are often much less dramatic when treated homoeopathically.  It is particularly the emotional problems which can worry parents the most but the method of treatment is exactly the same.  By stimulating the child’s own vital force to heal herself the little - or not so little person in your life can be restored to the best they can be.


How is it that we never become ill or have our accidents during normal surgery hours?  I came to homoeopathy through my children - having bought a kit which I thought would come in useful for those times when something struck before the doctor’s surgery opened.  It saw my family through a whole host of the usual complaints: teething, colic, many bumps and bruises, food poisoning, insect bites and stings, night terrors, chicken-pox, headaches, insect bites, vomiting and diarrhoea, a broken toe, a blocked ear, shock and various aches and sprains.


Homoeopathy has taken the drama out of so many situations - the countless times a hysterical child has stopped screaming as soon as the pill touches the tongue, and the scary swelling, fever or bleeding subsides before you get through to the surgery on the phone.

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