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Sma' Glen Perthshire

Your appointment - your journey

Your first consultation will last an hour.  Together we go through everything from birth to the complaint which has led you to my door. The fee includes the remedies I give you and if there is no change within a week, any replacement remedies . I like to see people for a half hour follow-up about 4-6 weeks later where we go through all the symptoms recorded at the initial consultation and note changes.


Sometimes, an aggravation happens after taking a remedy and this is just your body's way of adjusting to the stimulus of the homeopathic remedy. It can sometimes be alarming but is usually the first part of the cure happening.  Because of this phone calls and other correspondence are also included within the appointment fee.  


Homeopathy works in a different way to conventional medicine so part of my job is to guide you through the process so you know what is happening. This is your journey but I'm with you all the way.  I normally practice at The Natural Clinic in Crieff on Monday mornings and the Westbourne Medical Studios in Glasgow on a Wednesday.  After seeing you I will take some time to work on your case before posting out a remedy but aim to have this to you within the week.

If you require an acute remedy for a symptom which has come on recently, I charge £25 if you have your own remedies and £45 if I need to send them to you.  This covers the consultation and whichever remedies I think are appropriate.  Injuries, black eyes, bites, rashes, bruises, burns, hay fever, allergies, common complaints such as stomach upsets and viruses such as coughs, colds, sore throats, chicken pox and shingles are all things I have treated successfully many times.  I have also helped many people with acute fears such as as for flying, exams, performing in public or going to the dentist.  However, if these symptoms are recurrent it is worth considering a full appointment to treat the underlying cause.

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